Crowdfunding at RIT

Finance and Administration

Your gift can help RIT meet its most pressing needs. Your unrestricted gift provides university and college leadership the flexibility to prioritize the needs of our students. Unrestricted gifts provide resources that allow RIT to take advantage of unanticipated academic and student life opportunities, make life-changing international experiences accessible, offer powerful career-building and research programs, and react to numerous unforeseen challenges our students face.
Additionally, by supporting scholarships, you can literally change a student’s life. RIT’s commitment to affordability and accessibility helps us attract the best and brightest minds, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Each year, 94% of full-time undergraduate students receive over $340 million in financial assistance. Annual gifts help transform aspirations into achievements, enabling current students and the next generation of Tigers to benefit from the life-changing experience of an RIT education.
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