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College of Science

Students in the College of Science have regular hands-on experiences in class and labs, access to internships and co-op opportunities with employers, and year-round research opportunities. Annual donor support provides funding for students to participate in active research areas like virology, genomics, plant biology, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, material science, photonics, astronomy, remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and color perception. Faculty invite students to be part of their research groups, providing unparalleled opportunities to gain hands-on experience solving pressing problems. Summer undergraduate research fellowships provide students a stipend to work on targeted research projects.

Your gift provides university and college leadership the flexibility to prioritize the needs of our students. Unrestricted gifts provide resources that allow RIT to take advantage of unanticipated academic and student life opportunities, make life-changing international experiences accessible, offer powerful career-building and research programs, and react to numerous unforeseen challenges our students face.

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