Crowdfunding at RIT

College of Art and Design

The College of Art and Design provides countless opportunities that extend the educational experience outside the classroom. Annual gifts to the college support students as they pursue cooperative education and internships, international experiences, and help fund multi-disciplinary projects and travel to conferences and workshops. Thesis and capstone exhibitions in RIT Galleries provide students the ability to present their work in dynamic, professional settings. Faculty and students from various departments collaborate on sponsored research and independent study projects in a wide variety of disciplines, from typography and film, to interactive gaming, 3D design and the preservation of images and cultural heritage.

Your gift provides university and college leadership the flexibility to prioritize the needs of our students. Unrestricted gifts provide resources that allow RIT to take advantage of unanticipated academic and student life opportunities, make life-changing international experiences accessible, offer powerful career-building and research programs, and react to numerous unforeseen challenges our students face.

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